Cloth Nappies – it begins

I’m a sucker for PRETTY and ever since I saw a picture of some Charlie Banana cloth nappies, I’ve been totally committed to getting them on Baby Bee’s butt. Oh, and the environmental stuff, of course. Of course. The thought of Baby Bee’s first poop still rolling around a landfill in five hundred years clogging up some poor old WALL-E’s little caterpillar tracks is chilling.



I got Mr Bee on side (because I didn’t want to be left always being the nappy changer because they were my stupid idea and ‘whatever you want, Boo’ to me is absolute, unequivocal support) and started researching cloth nappies when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. But it’s overwhelming. With a regular disposable, you basically stick it on and then take it off. There’s very little else you need to know about it. With cloth nappies there’s so much choice. Not just what colour (ooo – ALL OF THEM) but do you want a pocket or an all-in-one? Do you want one with a wrapper or one that doesn’t need a wrapper? Reusable or disposable liner? Minky or PUV outer? Hemp, microfibre or bamboo insert?






I came down with a bad cold last week after I’d spent an evening doing some pretty intensive nappy research – the result was terrifying dreams about inserts and cloth nappies with the word ‘minky’ repeating over and over and over again.

Strangely enough, this didn’t put me off.

But I was still confused, until I found this video which was a Godsend. I really like this woman – she’s non-hempy and down-to-earth and has named her son Alistair.

Following her advice, and using her links, I ended up buying an array of different types of pocket nappies from (a site I’ve spent many, many, ma-aany hours trawling through) to try out. Some of the sites, including Fill Your Pants, offer trial kits but they didn’t include all of the nappy brands I wanted to try so, of course, I had to buy them. Sad face (but secretly happy face).

I got a Charlie Banana (yay!) (the one that says DUDE), a Tots Bots EasyFit V4 (with the red velcro tags), a Fuzzibunz (blue airplanes), a Smartipants (red) and a Wonderoo (dinos).

Cloth Nappies copy.jpg

I also had an Amazon splurge and got mesh bags for the nappy bucket (bucket – the least glamorous word in the world), some extra Little Lamb bamboo boosters, a bigger wet/dry bag than I have now (not shown – it arrived late), and some minky and some terry towelling reusable wipes. Look at the dinosaurs on the minky wipes!

I’ve also since ordered two Baba & Boos because they were on sale and TOO CUTE.

I put the nappies and boosters and wipes in the machine for four washes to ensure their absorbency – three washes at 30, one at 40 – with a low tumble on the last which means that, at last, we’re ready to go!

Except I’m feeling a bit nervous about putting them on him. What if we put them on all wrong and he goes off like a geyser in Tesco? What if he’s saturated within seconds and Mr Bee looks at me like I’m a terrible mother/magpie for useless pretty things (again)?

What if when we finally try this whole cloth nappy stuff is just rubbish?

Please don’t let them be rubbish.

NB: The NCT offer a nappy library locally to me and, ironically, on the day my five little nappies arrives an unsuspecting NCT friend messaged me to say that she’d been to the library and rented out 15 of them. For FREE. Idiot (me). That said, if we like these nappies they’ll grace the butt of Baby Bee until he’s potty trained and then they’ll do for his brother or sister too. It’s an investment!





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