Bambino Mio Solo

So – all the nappies have been tried, kinks ironed out and they’re all washed and ready for round two.  I think it’s fairer to review them on the second go rather than first when my ineptitude will surely be the main cause of the poo down the leg (we didn’t have that but we did have one leak which I think was down to my miss-poppering). Even though it’s early doors, I’m already starting to lean towards certain brands/types but that said, I am fickle and hopeless at first impressions so I’m trying to stay open minded.

The first nappy today was All In One Bambino Mio Solo in Great Britain. This is a new addition to the trial which I ordered when I ordered an additional Tots Bots.

Bambino Mio Solo 1

First off, this print is gor-geous. I got it on sale at Fill Your Pants so am feeling particularly jammy. For some reason, I’ve never considered Bambinos – I think when I first started looking at cloth nappies, they never seemed to be very interesting. But I only had one All In One in my trial stash and this seemed a good addition (and a better price than the GroVia).

As an AIO, it has a microfibre built in soaker which also has a little pocket in it for a booster.

Baby Bee was horribly constipated yesterday so he had a double lactulose dose – he’s on gaviscon for reflux so this has been prescribed to help with the resulting bunging up but we use it sparingly. Anyway, he offloaded beautifully this morning in his night time disposable so I was happy to try out the Bambino on my poop-free baby. So, of course, he pooped as soon as it went on so I quickly switched out the liner and then put it back on LIKE IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED.

Absorbency: Excellent! BB had it on for four hours, including a deep-sleep nap, and it could’ve stayed on for longer. He was still cosy, not even a threat of a leak and unlike disposables, the nappy hadn’t got all bloated and stinky. When I changed him, the soaker was pretty saturated but the lining still felt nice and dry. Over all, very, very impressed!


Bulk: I’d initially put in a booster but took it out straight away to give it a fair test. Without the booster, this is a fairly slim nappy where A can kick around quite happily.  With the booster in, it’s a big old fluffy bum, but I could still do his vests up and the leggings went over it no problem.

Fit: Another thing which attracted me to the Mio Solo is the fact that it’s a velcro close. In the trial round, I found the poppers a bit fiddly getting the right fit.  This is a nice, quick close. When I was folding the nappies to go in the drawer, I noticed that compared to the other AIO I have – the Tots Bots EasyFit V4- the Mio Solo’s soaker is wider in the crotchal region. This didn’t affect the fit at all and in fact helped my confidence.

Drying: AIOs are notoriously a slow-dry but this was fine after a tumble on the wool setting on my machine. I unfurled the soaker onto one of the Aga lids just in case it was still damp but it wasn’t. Score!

Overall: Really impressed and am thrilled that I tried this nappy on a whim. Good fit and excellent absorbency. As we use the tumble dryer and have an Aga for any residual dampness, I’m definitely being won over by the All In Ones.

UPDATE: Hubby Bee has noted that he likes these because the waistband is firm which is true – most of the tops of the other nappies are folded over when we come to change him, but these are still flat against his tummy, nice and neat.


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