FuzziBunz One Size

Claire Witt – the vlogger whose YouTube video gave me the confidence to start fluffing Baby Bee’s butt – really raved about FuzziBunz on her vlog.  They were one of her favourites so I was excited to try them out too.

I ordered a FuzziBunz One Size pocket nappy in FlyBoy. It comes with a single soaker insert which is hemp – I don’t have any other hemps and was intrigued by this.  It took ages to dry after its first wash, though, so I was definitely optimistic about its absorbency.

The FuzziBunz was on for just over three hours and included another deep-sleep nap.


Okay, so this shot isn’t particularly fair on the FuzziBunz – when I put it on Baby Bee he was completely unbothered. This happened because I forgot to photograph the nappy when I put it on, and then when I came to photograph it for the take off I got distracted by the fragrant notes only a GIANT POO gives off. Which is odd because usually you can’t escape the fact he’s poo-ing, he likes to share, but this was an act of stealth.

Anyway. So I forgot to take the picture again and had to put the nappy back on – poo and all – to get this shot. That’s why poor Baby Bee is so cross with mummy.

Back to the nappy.

Absorbancy: He was wet when I came to change him after just over three hours. A little damp on the right side at the leg opening which I noticed when I took off his leggings but no leak. Annoyingly, though, when I pulled his vest up, I realised that the left hand side was soaked through.  I don’t now if it was the poo that affected it – it was voluminous – but curiously when I pulled the soaker out, it didn’t feel that saturated. Not saturated enough to cause a leakage any road. (Between you and me, the FuzziBunz leaked last time too …)


Bulk: Relatively slim-fitting but still waddy enough to make bum patting enjoyable – there’s still plenty of room for some boosting too which is useful considering the absorbency.

Fit: It’s those poppers. I just don’t like them. I may learn to, but right now I can’t get the sizing right. When we took his clothes off, the top of the nappy had rolled over and I don’t know if that’s because it was too tight? Maybe I’m not doing the poppers up tight enough at the legs though, hence the leaking? Velcro is SO much easier while he hasn’t got the dexterity to undo it.

Drying: The nappy washed well and dried in no time but the insert took a while longer. Nothing to worry about though – it was certainly no longer than the AIO.

Overall: I want to like the FuzziBunz. It has the softest lining of all the nappies and I want to be Claire Witt’s friend. But this is the second leak we’ve had. I know I’m expecting a cloth to work like a disposable in terms of the length of time I can leave Baby Bee before a change, but I don’t want to have to change him every two hours – it just doesn’t work for us. The Bambino was absolutely fine for four hours so I know it’s possible. I think I’m going to use a booster next time and we’ll see what happens then, but at the moment, I’m afraid the jury’s out on FuzziBunz. Sorry Claire!


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