Baba & Boo

I found these lovely British nappies via a post on Ghostwritermummy’s blog during my intense research phase. I was originally looking for information on the new TotsBots Peenut (which she liked but had a ‘poor’ rating for absorbency on thenappylady so I decided to skip) and she referenced her favourite nappies as Baba & Boo. So of COURSE, I sought them out.

Baba & Boo are three entrepreneurial women who created a baby boutique out of their passion for cloth – just the kind of story I love. Alongside some scrumptious clothes and shoes, they specialise in reusable nappies with some beautiful prints.

I ordered two – the Chevrons and Shades – which were £6.50 each in the sale. SIX POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE EACH! Honestly. Robbing them blind. They took a good few days to arrive and when they did, it was only then that I realised they don’t come with inserts or boosters. They’re basically like beautifully made pants. Not a complaint as I LOVE the prints, but for new, sleep deprived mummies this could have been spelled out a little more clearly. Luckily I’ve got some spare Little Lamb bamboo boosters so I used those.

So, what did we think of the bargain nappies?

IMG_4561Absorbancy: This isn’t a fair assessment of the nappy as, if we do it just on that it would be er … terrible because it has no level of absorbency whatsoever! BUT with two Little Lamb bamboo boosters, it was fine. A couple of hours. Nothing special. We did have leaks but I could get some better inserts so …

Bulk: I think these are relatively slim fitting compared to the others we’ve tried – this is the Chevron print above and you can see it’s not bad at all.

Fit: Okay, so there are the dreaded poppers, but I have to say, these weren’t all that tricky – they have a nice, large front tab – and I got Baby Bee popped in really quickly. They’re quite big poppers, I think that’s the difference. The leg holes felt okay too.

Drying: As they’re insert-free, they dry in no time.

Overall: I think that without that bespoke insert, like all the other nappies, these are a pretty flexible. Which is a definite plus. If I can find an insert that’s absorbent enough to give us a bit longer than a few hours, then these will be an excellent back up pair. They are very light, though, and I missed the solidity of, say, the Bambino Mio Solo for example, which is why I’m not gushing about them. That said, this might be something I’m looking for during warmer months and the prints are to die for. I’m definitely pleased I made the £13 investment and will probably, once I’ve figured out which inserts I like, be back for more in the future.


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