Charlie Banana

Every time I say Charlie Banana I hear ‘you put a banana in the tailpipe*’ in my head. BaNAna. Not like how us Brits say it: Banarrrna. BaNAna. *Ten points if you can identify the film that quote’s from 🙂

Anyhoo. I’ve always had my eye on the BaNAnas – ever since I saw that stack of lusciousness here. They do gorgeous prints and have good online reviews. All going well!

So here’s Baby Bee happily modelling his pair of Dude Charlie BaNAnas.



Absorbancy: Pretty good. He’s now worn his CBs three times for three hours each time before leaks. The leaks weren’t horrendous, though, just some dampness around the leg holes. I added the extra insert today as we were out and I wanted to increase the amount of time between changes – to be honest it didn’t do a whole lot except make him so bulky he looked like he was wearing a codpiece.

Bulk: Not too bad with a single insert, pretty solid with both in. This is with a single.


Fit: This is another popper diaper. I’m still not liking poppers – they’re fiddly and I’m never sure I’ve got the right poppers popped, especially for the lower setting. That said, these still fit Baby Bee well once I’ve popped and repopped and re-fricking-popped. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it one day …

Drying: No issues at all with a tumble on the low wool setting.

Overall: This is a solid reusable nappy – it doesn’t last as long as I’d thought it would, especially with the two inserts and is a poppers closure but it looks good and is really well made. The thing that sets CBs slightly apart for me, though, is that the inserts go in via the front. This has been designed to create a flap for the disposable inserts that you can use to increase absorbancy and reduce the risk of getting poo in your fingernail when wrangling with a pooey bamboo liner.  It also makes it SO much easier to pad out this area for boys than when the pocket flap is at the back.

NB We made a mistake when washing these – they said to wash inside out which I did but I didn’t realise they meant INSIDE OUT and just washed (and dried) them poppered so that the crotchal area (the inside) was out. The result was a totally trashed print and I couldn’t work out why because I was so sure I’d followed the instructions. TWICE. Seriously, this baby brain is driving me mad because then I realised, after washing them twice and basically ruining the print completely, that they meant push them completely inside out so that the inside is … out. Fill Your Pants’ customer services have been BRILLIANT however and sent me a pair to replace the one I ruined through numbskullery. That said, I’m still a little confused why a nappy company would make a nappy that has complicated washing instructions – exactly what the sleep deprived need.




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