Friday Fiction Challenge

I was going to post this over on another blog I have (I am clearly a blog hoarder – I have THREE, man) but thought that actually, while it’s not about mothering, it is about me and as I’m a geriatric mother, I should put it here. No-one wants to read about mothering all the time. I barely want to DO it that much.

I heard about this Friday Fiction Challenge thing on another blog. It’s where you use a random photo to inspire a 200 word story which is a GREAT idea. I’ve never written short stories and I don’t really read them – as a writer I enjoy unspooling things over chapters (that I never actually write) and it’s the same as a reader. But this feels doable – it’s flexing my creativity and making me write. Two things I really want/need.

Baby Bee and I go swimming on Friday lunchtimes and after that he tends to sleep his ass off so it’s a good time to do a writing challenge. Let’s see how we stick to it!


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