And finally … Our forever nappies


Bumgenius Freetime AIO

These little tinkers are GREAT. They’re so easy –  no stuffing! – and are super absorbent. I honestly love, love, love how well they work on Baby Bee.  He can be in these for a good four hours and still be comfortable. For some reason, I was kind of reluctant to try the Bumgeniuses, I think it’s because they just come in boring regular colours rather than exciting prints. It certainly sounds like the shallow decision making process I generally go through. But then a fellow cloth nappier and good friend recommended them and she’s cool so I thought: Why not? I’m so pleased I’m so easily influenced because they’re honestly brilliant.

My only issue with these, though, is that the poppers are a little tricky and they just don’t look that comfy, you know? They look really tight. You see how the top rolls too and so I’m not convinced they’re not rubbing on his little tummy. You can get them with a velcro close but the tabs are small and look grubby and worn really quickly.

Tots Bots Easyfit V4 AIO

Tots Bots is another British mum-founded brand so I naturally wanted to love this fabulous AIO. And I doooo!  Not as much as I love my favourite brand (almost there – patience, patience) but these are my no-brainer cloth nappies. I don’t have to worry about these at all – they are solid, easy to use, super absorbent and they look nice and comfy on Baby Bee’s little toosh. And with that easy velcro close, there’s no hovering over poppers wondering if you’ve over popped it and trying to get the waistband all tucked properly and then spending a while afterwards worrying that you’ve popped it incorrectly and it’s going to leak/you’re a terrible, terrible mother. I treat these little beauties just like disposables which is half the battle when you’re looking for quality cloth nappies.  

One downside is that they still need stuffing with the built in soaker and they’re designed so that you fold over the soaker as you fold it in making it even more absorbent for either a boy or a girl, depending on the fold. I’ve not found this hugely helpful so I don’t really bother but they’re still excellent.

Close Pop-In Bamboo (rather than Minkee – fucking MINKEE. What IS that?)

Annoyingly, I haven’t taken a picture of Baby Bee in these and he’s asleep right now but anyway.


Oh. My. God. I bloody LOVE these nappies. Oh. Sorry. Yes – THESE are my favourites. Yes, they’re a faff because you have to POP the inserts in front and back with fiddly little poppers but by GOD they have the absorbency of a disposable, come in just delicious designs as well as plains with contemporary grey edging, and have this great double-gusset (gusset) which means in all the times I’ve used them they have NEVER leaked. Poo or wee. Never. And I completely forgot to change him today from 10.30am until 5pm (we were out) and while the soaks were pretty loaded, not a dribble had escaped. That’s six and a half hours in one little reusable nappy. Easy to put on, you can see why Babipur (where I have since loaded up on them) rate them as their favourite nappy.


Although they feel like an AIO these are actually considered a two-part nappy – they come with an insert and a booster as well as a built in soaker in the shell, and you can buy these night-time boosters which you wrap around both to make them night-nappies with hardly any bulk addition. We haven’t tried these yet, but if today was anything to go by, I suspect we’ll be able to use these night and day going on. HEART HEART HEART.

Like I say – they’re a slight faff because you have to pop the inserts in AND out as the shell can’t be tumble dried and you do run the risk of a Poo Finger whilst doing this, but by GUM they’re worth it. I got a bit carried away with the prints, however, and bought the lion swim nappy and the hippo play mat. If they did wallpaper, I suspect our whole house would be Pop-In’d by now.

So that’s it. The end of our trials. We’ve got three excellent nappy styles that really work for us – the dead easy Tots Bots Easyfit, the super reliable Bumgenius Freetime and the incredibly absorbent Close Pop-In.

And now I need to find something else to obsess about.


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