Ha! I made a nappy pun.  This is a nappy update.  I lost the will to live doing all the reviews of all the nappies – I couldn’t keep up that what with all the TV boxsettery I have to do.

So, my diapupdate is that I’ve tried them all. And then some.

Updates on Previously Reviewed

Bambino Mio Solo – really like this one. AIO, poppers but never let us down. Apart from the three second-hand ones I bought on eBay which did NOT have plenty of life left in them, despite what the seller said, and actually had NO life left in them, seeing as the PU fabric had totally lost its waterproof…acity but we didn’t realise this until he’d leaked through them a couple of times and I begrudingly had to concede that it wasn’t actually Mr Bee’s fault but a naughty eBay seller. Annoyed Face.

Charlie Bananas – I just can’t get these to not leak. There are little leg adjusters inside the nappies so you can create the perfect fit, but I’ve not found it yet. With both boosters in, they’re bulky but can do around two and a half hours. These have become the ones I put him in if I have to change his nappy an hour or so before he’s going to bed.

Baba & Boo – God, I really wanted to love these. They have everything I want in a brand: cute designs, set up by enterprising women, well priced. The poppers were also bigger and easier to work. But they just don’t work for us. AT ALL. I’ve popped in ultra absorbent charcoal boosters and he still may as well be wearing disposable maternity briefs. He’s a reasonably heavy wetter, but isn’t that what nappies are for? Wet babies? These aren’t even staying in the drawer as a back-up back-up, I’m afraid. Sad Face.

Fuzzibunz – Again, never got these to be anything more than a couple-of-hours nappy. They just didn’t work for us. Plus the hemp insert felt a little bit cardboard after a couple of tumbles, although the lining was gorgeously soft.



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