Nappies I Have Known

Following on from my previous post, these are the nappies I’ve tried but haven’t worked out for us. They’re all good nappies with a solid fanbase, don’t get me wrong, and they all pretty much did the job, just not for as long as I wanted. Or with as much enthusiasm as Baby Bee’s output needs. What I’ve discovered on our quest is that Baby Bee’s a long, lean baby, and I think that makes getting the right fit tricky. Plus that baby pees like a broken hose. Absorbancy and fit are paramount for everyone in the cloth nappy world, but with his length and peeing abilities ours are a little more challenging.


I really like the prints on offer from Wonderoos and when I initially started looking for reusables, I almost just went and bought a whole sack of them. While I don’t have any MAJOR issues with these, I’m glad I didn’t. They’ve got good boosting options but I found I had to use them all to stop leaking after a few hours which made them too bulky for regular use. I mean, look at that poor little bubble – he’s carrying an extra foot of butt.


These are a popular US brand but they absolutely did not work for us. Leaky and nowhere near absorbent enough. Computer says no.


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